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WoN is a semi-realistic, literate wolf role-play for all ages and levels.
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 WoN Site Rules

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Alpha Elisabeth

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PostSubject: WoN Site Rules   Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:28 pm

Wolves of Nature grants you permission onto the site, however there are some guidelines that every visitors is needed to follow. If anyone fails to, there would be certain consequences. Below are the following restrictions that we tend to keep in order and do not believe it would alter over time anytime soon!

  • As you start out as a new member, you are required to only have one (1) character for the starting session. In the future, with the correct currency of twigs, you can purchase a secondary character of your choice. If you're desperate for a third character, you must consent with the site owner for validation. However, you may not request a pup under the age of a juvenile/adolescent, unless you will be the son/daughter of an already parent, however your request will b rejected! Only because pups alone cannot survive without its pack or mother, a predaor can easily swipe it off the ground and and have it's grave pending. There are also slim chances a lone wolf would be a surrogate mother in terms of caring and nursing pups back to health.

  • As the site is fairly realistic in terms of pigment colors, I will allow some unrealistic eye colors. (i.e blue, pink, purple, red, etc). However, these odd hues may not have any specific power to them. No hypnotizing methods of any sort, or even mood changing.

  • You MAY NOT use instant deaths, instant kills or even one-bite actions. Your wolf would get injured at some point, but do not make this a habit or even a tolerable act during role-play. A wolf in real life cannot easily kill off something 3 times its own size. Yes a wolf has muscle definition, but a large animal has a larger mass and elevation, that can easily harm your character. If you would like to include a carnivore or herbivore that you do not have as an NPC, please visit the NPC topic discussion with all your valuable information so a user that has an NPC account can oblige to this scene.  Please do not include these NPC's yourself, or your post will be removed without questioning!

  • The Chatbox area is for users to simply start conversations or just talk in little to no large quantities. As advertising is restricted, those who are caught in the process will be banned for an approximate time from the admin/site mods.

  • During role-play sessions, a user must post in third person. Meaning there will be no such "Me, us, I, my" at all used unless you are talking about another wolf in character form.

  • As this site is semi-realistic, we will not approve users that have wolves with any mythical, celestial, magical or god-modding powers at all. They are prohibited and will be ignored and removed from any joining form. Those who persist with their form and alter any changes regarding these will be asked to remove, if not then that application will be removed, allowing that user to start from scratch. No exceptions!

  • Keep harassments and fighting out of role-play. If it's aiming towards a user that isn't at all apart of role-play, both users will be warned in the process.

  • Before you begin to start typing out your Rp posts, be sure to use a word count processor. There will be a 8 sentence minimum for posts, however, anyone is allowed to go over that minimal limit as there is no vast maximum limit of words to be posted! If a user posts less than 8 sentences and doesn't fully describe any actions they express, they will be notified by the site owner or mod to edit their post until validated. If you have read to this point, please post 'our home' in your application form.

  • We are critical on who we accept, there wouldn't be much of a hassle, however we do not accept wolves that have a missing limb, damaged eye socket or ear drum. Blind wolves will not be accepted, only because characters that have little to no vision aren't as easily noticed and wolves in reality will die by lack of vision. As this is only when starting off, as your wolf stays here longer on the site and with the correct currency of twigs, your may be able to purchase something similar in the shop!

  • This site is welcome for users 13+, despite if you are beginner or advanced in role-playing, we expect no grammatical errors so often in one post, or inexperienced players that need to be mentored. As this site is only based upon English processing, there will be scarce chances that a user can lure in another foreign language. If a user posts in another language, they are permitted to translate it each time it is present. Without permission or translation, that post will be deleted upon disapproval and notified.

  • You may not start to role-play before you are approved by a moderator or the site owner! All users must "Introduce Yourself", a topic made for every newcomer that joins this site. In the process, you must wait until someone validates your post. If you are not accepted, a staff member will post the following reason(s) and you must edit those changes.

  • If you must leave for a length of time, we have an EFA section known as "Excused For Absence". That forum will be used upon those who need extensive time away if school, vacation o work gets in the way. Reminder: Life comes first!

  • If you are willing to have a mate with another user, you must consolidate with the Alpha before making the decision yourself. Not all users can be able to have a mate, it would be the leaders decision whether or no you are eligible to have a mate and/or pups. There is also a number the leaders would decide which would be appropriate, as wolves in the wild have 4-7 pups, on this site the maximum would only be FOUR (4). You cannot ask a wolf to be mates with you, if they do not wish to become a partner, there will be no begging involved with this matter. Mating Season is the only appropriate time in Rp that it would take place, this does not include the actual season of your real life time. If this rule is broken, your character will most likely be executed by the Alpha's in charge, which could result in vast consequences for your disobedience. 

  • As I've mentioned above, all wolves that start out must only speak English. If you are willing to have your character speak another language of choice, that can only happen if purchased in the shop!

  • Do not request a higher rank, they will be earned/given to a specific wolf by the Alphas themselves. The reasons would be if the leader(s) feel you can ake hold of the important position upon your skills and duty, your writing skills also play a certain role for this action. Less grammatical errors, punctuations, etc will most likely lead you the right path for any high rank performances. Close to the end, please place 'is your freedom' in your application.

  • If you see any other guest or member that has broken the rules. Please report them to the admin/mods. Thank you!

As there will be rule breakers, please assure that you follow these rules and guidelines. Eventually more rules would be implemented upon any update/announcement by the Alpha!

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WoN Site Rules
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