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WoN is a semi-realistic, literate wolf role-play for all ages and levels.
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 Ladder of Ranks

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PostSubject: Ladder of Ranks   Mon Apr 13, 2015 5:59 pm


Normally there will be two leaders to be entitled to rule a pack. Though a solitary leader is most likely the one who stands amongst all others, the highest prophecy of a claimed land. One who can choose whether or not to execute a wolf upon his/her presence. A leader that establishes a greater force with mother nature. An Alpha also is able to choose a mate upon his/her request, usually chosen by skill or unless otherwise.
Do not request a slot to become the alpha's pair if one is not present. One does not simply beg for a higher rank.


Elders are the advisers for the leaders, most likely keen with knowledge and know almost everything about the land, history and members. Alphas at an older age retire and choose a heir to be the next runner p to take control of the pack. However, as their parents resign, they are still the highest quality of the region.
Do not request a slot to become the alpha's pair if one is not present. One does not simply beg for a higher rank.


Second in command, he right paw to the Alphas and are hard working to keep he pack in check. The maximum count for this class would require 2, however this does not mean that this pair is eligible as a mating pair. Thus also can be two wolves of the opposite gender that do not have to be partners to control this role.
Do not request a slot to become the alpha's pair if one is not present. One does not simply beg for a higher rank.

"You are the sentinels, silent and sure, keeping watch in the night"
This class indicates one sole purpose; defending the land and the alphas and if necessary the Beta.  As they protect the alphas, they are not intended to be around on casual days, however, if there is a fight amongst another crew or a heavy-combat battle, the sentinels are required to protect the Alpha female from any violations or neglect. This does not mean a wolf can simply claim the female as their own, they would most likely be executed.


This class is open for wolves that are risk takers; those who fought and will fight to protect their own and their home. They will most likely accompany the Sentinels when on duty. However in another stage of rights, these canids will make sure they are present for heavy-combat battles.
*!There is no leader for this role!*


Wolves that simply do one important role for their time, which is hunting and providing a meal of an everyday routine for the pack. Those who provide will be established upon viewing. Most likely excellent, skilled wolves would be recommended to mentor the young adolescent when necessary.
*!There is no leader for this role!*


These wolves are the caretakers of the pack, their main objective is to look after the growing pups as the days go by. They also supply food for the mothers when hunters are busy providing food for the rest of the pack. They will only do other duties when necessary or directed to by the leaders. However, these wolves will have their paws full when the mating season rolls around and newborns are brought into the world. It's a hardship of a role to endeavor and a wolf must be able to contribute to serve a purpose to the next generation. Lots of love and mentoring!

A name that states it all. A wolf that has keen knowledge upon the herbs and plantation in the back of their head and the back of their paw per se. An herbalist is required to be on duty when a wolf falls injured or ill and needs that hospitality and comfort that they'll be obliged with the proper care to have a faster and reliable recovery.

Likewise as this title of the class states. These wolves are no better, greater or even less than the others that found their rightful home. An Omega-classed wolf is a wolf that needs to adapt after being a loner for  far too long. They need space and to adjust to their new domain. The Elders, Betas and Sentinels keep a sharp eye on these specific canines.

Known to be the next generation in an older stage to develop and ensure their own safety within the packs vicinity. They will be mentored by specific members, normally by the Betas or the Elders. They do not permit themselves to be in the lives of the alphas if they are not the young of the leaders. The caretaking wolves will spend most of their days teaching the young the survival techniques and standards before they re able to journey from the pack or ask to thrive with.

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Ladder of Ranks
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