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WoN is a semi-realistic, literate wolf role-play for all ages and levels.
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 Mating & Pups Information

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PostSubject: Mating & Pups Information   Mon Apr 13, 2015 7:41 pm

In the rules states some information regarding mates and of course the future generation; pups. However, below I will introduce you an entire new level of guidelines and rules that you must abide to, before you make the decision. This just doesn't attend to regular members, but staff members as well.

*Member with a warning/temporary ban will have a much longer extended time before they can even have a mate or pups!


  • As a newcomer you are allowed to tantalize or rather "flirt", however you are not allowed to fight a pair to be the next runner up as a partner for the role. Your purpose as a newcomer is to explore your new surroundings, meet other wolves and perhaps form bonds with those that have similar interests or those who can show you around.

  • In order to initialize your final and most devoted decision together as mates, you must talk with a higher-classed canid to arrange a ceremony. These special moments can be a lot of fun for the overall pack, especially for the new pairs of that pack. These two lovers show the rest of the members that they love each other dearly and know for sure they will not break their bond or seek comfort with another wolf they may know. Others are forbidden to travel, unless they are a sentinel to escort them to another place. A sanctuary for the two new lovers, their first honeymoon they'll endure, as an sentinel sits in the background awaiting for the sun to set ensures that no one else follows. A ceremony is not always necessary for new partners, it'll most likely be initialized if both users request it from the Alphas.

  • You may only have ONE mate. if you are caught with multiple opposite genders, you will be warned with the result of separation.

  • You must be at least a member of the pack for 2 months before you can have a mate. I would recommend waiting at least a month before you may breed, however only during the breeding season! Members who do not abide will result in a temporary separation, unless otherwise.

  • If your mate has been kicked, executed or banned from the site. You are allowed to choose another member. Though, a reminder that you must know this member fully in Rp before making the decision together.

Members that disobey these following rules, will not be allowed to have a mate for 3 months or longer!


  • The required amount of pups to have are 4. No more pups will be raised by the parents. Members who introduce more than four pups, will be asked to edit heir post whether the pup dies at birth or in weeks time. This is only fair for all members. Note that also if you have four pups, you may detail that a pups dies at birth, resulting in a litter of three. As in the real world, not all pups at birth survive their first few minutes in exposure from the womb.

  • It will be your decision, whether or not to disperse your own young at their first year.

  • The pups must have the same genetics, or at least a partial percentage from one or the other.

  • Not all pups live during their first moments at birth. Most live and most just suffocate or no longer have a beating heart when you insist on cleaning them and keeping them close. To keep it realistically simple, you can create your own dialogue in the Rp, to assume you have four (4) but one is dead and you play out the part and do what you would do to bury or dispose of the dead pup. leaving only three to raise.

  • When it comes to the part of "mating", DO NOT include graphic details. Everyone is reminded to do a "time skip" or "Blurr" when you you and your partner are about to get frisky. Afterwards, you can lay with each other or such, but you cannot simply add much more detail.

  • A mating pair to be ready to mate will only d their procedure in winter, however some will have the exception to hold off until an early spring. Before you and your partner do get frisky, PM the Alpha, you will then receive a response upon whether an approved or declined message. The only highest bid for partners in both packs are a limit of four each, only because the amount of pups that will be born and over-populating the next generation. The two packs will have their paws full with many pups around to handle and care for.

  • A few users will be chosen upon their request to play out that pup. All pups born will be at the age of 6 months, that's when they start to learn their bodies and surroundings. This gives the player to play out it's part from the long days from birth, as it's not entirely important. As a half year old, they are not fully grown wolves but can manage a few inches of skills here and there. Below are acceptable portions of what a 6 month old pup looks like, apart from a young aged wolf pup.

How your 6 month old pups should look similar to:



How your 6 month old pups SHOULD NOT look like:



Yes they look adorable, however if you make a character that looks nowhere to be the specified age group, then you will be asked to edit your request, along with the proper genetics, pup breed, color and name by what the parents ask you to look like.

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Mating & Pups Information
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