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WoN is a semi-realistic, literate wolf role-play for all ages and levels.
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 How To Collect The Currency - TWIGS

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Alpha Elisabeth

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PostSubject: How To Collect The Currency - TWIGS   Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:49 am

Here on Wolves of Nature, we allow users to start collecting Twigs as their first own currency. Twigs can be used only at the shop, they are not necessarily apart of the role-play or even should be discussed unless OOC. So here, I am able to allow users to know when and how to start earning some twigs.

  • Making a thread: 10 Twigs
  • Replying in Threads: 3 twigs
  • Submitting a Banner for Banner events for the main page: 20 twigs
  • Your banner being used if it wins with most votes: 70 Twigs

  • Advertising: 15 Twigs

  • Member of The Month: 100 Twigs
  • Character of The Month: 100 twigs

  • Members that have invited/referred you to join this site: 75 Twigs
  • Suggestive ideas for the site: 20-70 Twigs

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How To Collect The Currency - TWIGS
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